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Booking an interpreter: DSP, Intreo, MABS, CIC, NAS

Many thanks to KDRC for their work with Dept. of Social Protection (DSP) on a new interpreting policy.

To watch this information in ISL, click on the links below:

When requested, Dept. of Social Protection will provide interpreters for appointments and meetings, such as with your Community Welfare Officer (CWO), Intreo (FAS) appointments and at social welfare appointments.

DSP staff can book an interpreter for you by placing a request on the DSP intranet (STOR).

When requested, interpreters can also be booked for the following DSP services:

The Citizens Information Board has an Access Officer who can be contacted at accessofficer@ciboard.ie. You can also show this information to the staff at your local CIC, MABS and NAS office.

For more information about interpreting/translation and other access facilities provided by DSP click here.