About Fiona Landers

Fiona Landers Deaf Interpreter
Fiona Landers Deaf Interpreter

Fiona is Youth Development Officer for the Cork Deaf Association since 2017 and a Cork Peer Advocate for Irish Deaf Society.

She qualified in Deaf Interpreting studies (CPD) from Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) in 2021.

Fiona is currently the acting secretary for Irish Deaf Youth Association

She is a member of CISLI, and has attended various training and continuous professional development workshops such as Child First Act, GDPR training and Sign nature Deaf and DeafBlind Awareness Training.

Fiona is open to freelance work, including video translations and transcribing from ISL to English, and interpretation at exams such as the Leaving Certificate.

You can contact Fiona at: fionalanders@live.ie or text only at: 0831638119.

What is a Deaf Interpreter?

An accredited Deaf Interpreter may be needed when the communication mode of a deaf consumer is so unique that it cannot be adequately accessed by interpreters who are hearing. Some such situations may involve individuals who:

  • use idiosyncratic non-standard signs or gestures such as those commonly referred to as “home signs” which are unique to a family
  • use a foreign sign language
  • have minimal or limited communication skills
  • are deaf-blind or deaf with limited vision
  • use signs particular to a given region, ethnic or age group
  • have characteristics reflective of Deaf Culture not familiar to hearing interpreters.

Quality Professional Interpreting for Deaf and Hearing Clients

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