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Please note I have relocated to Leinster. I am no longer available for work in Cork.

Cormac Leonard

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I have been working as an ISL / English interpreter for nearly eight years now. I am from Skerries in North Co. Dublin. I was based in Dublin for four years after graduation, and in Cork for four years after that. I now work in the north Leinster area.

I got interested in sign language through ISL evening classes about 15 years ago. I did a Masters thesis about Deaf politics, and then worked on RTE’s Hands On programme for Deaf people for two years as a researcher. I then worked in the Irish Deaf Society for two years as consultant / administrator, before entering Trinity College’s Centre for Deaf Studies for interpreter training. I graduated from CDS with my Diploma in ISL / English Interpreting in 2005.

In 2006 I underwent the Accreditation process held by Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) and received an R1 accreditation.

I work primarily in the educational and general community interpreting sector. I also interpret in medical, religious, social, legal and mental health settings. I have experience with working with a wide range of clients of different ages and backgrounds.

I am professionally indemnified with O’Brien Finlay Insurance Associates Limited and have received Garda clearance.

I have been involved in delivering modules of interpreter training in CDS (specifically practical placement aspects). I am interested in sociolinguistic variation in Deaf communities, especially in Irish Sign Language, and have published work in this field in Deaf Worlds. I was involved also in the ‘Signs of Ireland’ project in CDS, looking at variation within ISL.

I follow the Code of Ethics of the Irish national ISL/English interpreter body, the Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters (CISLI) of which I am a member. I was also the Secretary of the Irish Association of Sign Language Interpreters prior to its closure in 2007. I am currently an Associate member of the Irish Translators and Interpreters’ Association (ITIA) and the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI).

I have worked with agencies such as SLIS, Bridge Interpreting, CSL Studies Galway as well as working freelance. In general I will put all legal, medical and mental health work through an agency.

My other interests include genealogy, history (especially Irish Deaf history), other sign languages, reading, movies, music, travel and goldfish care! 🙂

Email: cormac.leonard@protonmail.com

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