About Susan O’Callaghan

Susan O’Callaghan

Susan O’Callaghan is a native of Cork City and has worked as an Advocate and Community Resource Officer for the Cork Deaf Association for almost nine years. Susan was a member of the group that completed an Education Equality Initiative-funded Kerry Deaf Learning Programme, and is a Deaf Awareness trainer through Signature (formerly CACDP). She holds a Diploma in Business Studies and Accounting.

Susan is an accredited Deaf interpreter. An accredited Deaf Interpreter may be needed when the communication mode of a deaf consumer is so unique that it cannot be adequately accessed by interpreters who are hearing. Some such situations may involve individuals who:

  • use idiosyncratic non-standard signs or gestures such as those commonly referred to as “home signs” which are unique to a family
  • use a foreign sign language
  • have minimal or limited communication skills
  • are deaf-blind or deaf with limited vision
  • use signs particular to a given region, ethnic or age group
  • have characteristics reflective of Deaf Culture not familiar to hearing interpreters.

Email: susan@corkdeaf.ie


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