Interpreters is not an agency

All interpreters listed here are self employed freelance interpreters.

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Suzanne Carey, Deirdre Herlihy, Valeria Fulam, Ray Greene
Suzanne Carey, Deirdre Herlihy, Valeria Fullam, Ray Greene

The Deaf person you are meeting may have a preference for a particular interpreter – be sure to inquire about this before booking.

Ray Greene

Raphael Greene

Suzanne Carey

Suzanne Carey

Eileen Drumgoole

Deirdre Herlihy

Deirdre Herlihy

Valeria Fullam

valeria summer 2014

Catherine White

Susan O’Callaghan

Susan O'Callaghan

Veronica White

Veronica White

Cormac Leonard

Cormac Leonard

Annik Dennehy

Quality Professional Interpreting for Deaf and Hearing Clients

Council of Irish Sign Language Interpreters

The national representative association for sign language interpreters in Ireland


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