corkinterpreter.com is not an agency — we are a group of freelance interpreters working in the Cork area.

Please contact an interpreter for their individual Terms and Conditions.

Typically interpreter T&Cs cover the following areas:

Assignment details
Travel and subsistence expenses
Cancellation policy
Preparation materials
Team interpreter required
Working conditions
Health & Safety requirements
Assessment of competency
Permission to record the interpreter

Requests for Voluntary Interpreting
From time to time, we receive requests to do voluntary interpreting. All of us do unpaid work in some capacity on a regular basis. The voluntary work we undertake is community based and includes work with Deaf groups and clubs, proofreading, document translation, etc.

We work on a voluntary basis where we recognise that the service is vital to the Deaf person’s needs and funding is impossible, or where it is a direct request from within the Deaf community and we see it as an opportunity to give something back to the community that keeps us employed.

We welcome all interpreting-related inquiries. However, before asking for a pro-bono interpreting service, please consider the following:

  • Many organisations have policies and procedures already in place to provide ISL/English interpreters. Check with your organisation’s disability/access officer.
  • If your organisation receives public funding, it may be required under legislation to provide access to members of the Deaf community through ISL/English interpretation.
  • The government operates several funding schemes. Please check if you qualify for one of these schemes.
  • There are approx. 5,000 Deaf ISL users. This may be the first time you have been asked to provide an interpreter. Depending on the nature of your service, it is possible that your organisation will only ever receive a small number of interpreting requests.
  • Interpreting may be less expensive than you think, please contact one of us to get an accurate estimate of the fee.

Quality Professional Interpreting for Deaf and Hearing Clients

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