Busy, Busy, Busy – BOOK IN ADVANCE!

Busy Bees
We're busy bees this autumn!

Whew! The start of the college term is upon us and like interpreters up and down the country, we are very busy trying to cover the interpreting needs of not just students, but all other kinds of interpreting work as well.

We really want to try and cover as much work as we can between us, but we cannot always guarantee availability at this time.

To best help us in helping you, we would ask clients to please contact us as early as possible if you need an interpreter, which allows us to most effectively plan. Ideally two weeks notice should be given.

Asking us to cover an assignment with just a day or two’s warning will in most cases mean we are NOT AVAILABLE.

SO PLEASE, plan early, call early and book early, to have the best chance of ensuring an interpreting service.

Thanks and enjoy the Autumn! 🙂

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